0000 Coming To PS Vita, PS4, Nintendo Switch & 3DS In Early 2018

Ratalaika Games has revealed that they are working with Alvaro Games to release the 1-bit low-fi platformer 0000 on PS Vita, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and 3DS in Q1 2018. It will also come to XBox One and PC via Steam.

With 100 levels that will either make or break players, 0000 is an unforgiving 1-bit low-fi platformer that will challenge players, whilst pleasing their ears with a spectacular soundtrack for players to grove to.

But if 100 challenging levels isn’t enough, thanks to a level editor mode, there are even more levels for players to play as they will be able to create their own challenging levels, or download and play challenging levels designed by someone else, which means even if you complete the main campaign, there will still be levels to play, long after the game’s release!


  • 100 challenging, hand-crafted levels
    Each level was made with care and throughouly tested to be challenging but fair.
  • Hardcore mode
    In this mode made for hardcore gamers, players must go through the whole game with one life.
  • Minimalist 1-bit art style
    The art-style allows the player to read the levels very quickly, allowing for fast-paced reactions and action-packed gameplay. You don’t like black and white? There ware tons of palettes available.
  • Level editor
    Create your own levels and upload them into the online pool for people to play. Best of all? Cross-platform level sharing.
  • Multiplayer race mode
    Play through the official levels or download community levels in this mode.
  • Surreal soundtrack
    Yes, you will die to awesome music! The soundtrack has been made by the awesome composer Levi Bond.

Check out the 0000 Screenshots:

Check out the 0000 Trailer:


Via: Twitter

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