PS Vita at PSX – Deadbolt Impressions

By 2 Old 4 Gaming

I loved Risk of Rain. I had already bought and played the game on PC but was happy to buy it again for PS Vita. Hopoo Games showed with Risk of Rain they could make an excellent game with beautiful pixel graphics and Deadbolt is looking to be another excellent edition to their repertoire.

Deadbolt has you playing as the Reaper. Your job is to track down and kill undead spirits. Each level has you enter a building full of undead enemies and you need to use weapons you find in the level and your skills as a stealthy killer to eliminate each one.

When you enter a building it’s up to you how you tackle it and it’s like a puzzle in how you should approach each stage to find the optimum route. You can turn off lights and hide behind furniture to avoid detection but once you’re discovered you need to decide whether to fight or flee. You die after getting shot once so running and gunning is not an option.

My first few tries on the game had me die from making too much noise and alerting guards on different floors and then not get to cover fast enough. In the demo, I could use a knife, baseball bat, hand gun and shot gun to kill enemies. There was also a boss to kill that caused me some trouble.

I really enjoyed Deadbolt. There was a good level of challenge where levels all felt do-able as long as I thought about what I was doing and didn’t take unnecessary risks. When I did die the load times were very fast in restarting the level which is always appreciated. The graphics were dark and atmospheric and the sound suited the game.

Deadbolt is coming out in February 2018 and the PS Vita version will release alongside the PS4 version. Given how good Risk of Rain was for Vita, this is a game to keep on your radar.

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