Horror Puzzle Platformer Dream Alone Coming To Nintendo Switch On June 28, 2018

Fat Dog Games has announced that the horror puzzle platformer Dream Alone will launch on Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2018.

Swap between hellish realities to find hidden routes past deadly traps and monsters stalking you in the darkness. Slow time and spawn clones to overcome formidable obstacles found throughout the whispering woods, spine-chilling ghost towns and howling caves of this hauntingly grim fairy tale world.

A mysterious sickness strikes a quiet village, one by one, people fall into a coma. When your family becomes affected by the disease, you start a dangerous journey to find the mythical Lady Death who is said to have powers that can stop or even revert the disease.

The story takes you through many lands, including forests, marshlands, caves and factories. Most of the levels have an alternate reality version, you can use this reality to get through areas you weren’t able to before and discover new secrets.

A mistake, a wrong jump or simply not being careful enough is sure to equal death. Precise jumps and running, however, are not enough. Some traps need to be deactivated using the hero’s clone ability which allows the player to leave behind a copy of themselves and use it to activate any levers or pressure plates.


  • Old School Horror aesthetic
  • Atmospheric story reminiscent of dark fairy tales
  • Beautiful and minimalist original score
  • Unique gameplay mechanics, explore alternate realities and clone yourself

Check out the Dream Alone Screenshots:

Check out the Dream Alone Gameplay Trailer:


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