Psychotic Adventure MechaNika Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch

Mango Protocol has announced that their first Psychotic adventure, MechaNika, is coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

After the successful release of Agatha Knife last April, Mango Protocol is currently remastering all the cutscene visual artwork and tweaking some technical stuff and expects to have MechaNika ready for launch in a few weeks.

In MechaNika you will be joining Nika, another sassy 7 yo girl, in her quest to find the components she needs to build her particular deadly metal weapon to destroy all the things in the world she doesn’t like at all. MechaNika is a whole new darkly sarcastic adventure with fascinating characters, each with their own twisted story, many puzzles with different ways to be solved, and more stunning hand-drawn visuals.


  • Sarcastic adventure where you will join Nika in her quest to destroy the world
  • Fascinating characters each with their own story
  • Hand-drawn, colorful visuals
  • Lots of puzzles with different ways to be solved
  • References to other video games, anime series, movies and music bands

Check out the MechaNika Trailer:



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