The Princess Guide Available Now For Switch & PS4 In North America

NIS America has announced that The Princess Guide is available now for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in North America. In Europe, it will launch on March 29 and on April 5 in Australia and New Zealand.

About the game

Become an Instructor and guide four princesses on the path to becoming great leaders!

Choose among four princesses on their quest to forging a world of their dreams. Will you choose to end world hunger with Liliartie, the hungry-but-happy Warrior Princess? Or you may want to help Veronica, the brash-but-talented Witch Princess, achieve world domination? Perhaps unearth family secrets and end poverty with the Rose Princess, Monomaria? Or spread words of peace and faith across the world with Alpana, the Dragon Princess?

Guide your princess with “Praise” or “Scold” to make them stronger, happier, and ultimately a worthy heir to the throne.

Check out the The Princess Guide Launch Trailer:


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