HyperCharge: Unboxed Coming To Nintendo Switch In Winter 2019

Digital Cyber Cherries announced today the toy-based first-person shooter HyperCharge: Unboxed is coming to Nintendo Switch in Winter 2019.

About the game

HyperCharge: Unboxed is a toy-based action first-person shooter with wave based tower defense mechanics.

The player assumes the role of a Small Plastic Soldier and must scavenge the environment for resources in order to construct turrets, build defences and protect the hyper-core. The environment is much larger than the player making every normal household item an obstacle.

The hyper-core is powered by a battery and the player must explore the environment to find one, ensuring the hyper-core is always operational. Nostalgic waves of weaponised toys attack from different directions and locations. They will stop at nothing to destroy the hyper-core, the players and their defences.

The player progresses by completing each level, earning XP and unlocking unique skins and characters, giving the opportunity to customise their action figure to their liking. The gameplay evokes nostalgic memories from those who grew up in the 80s and the 90s, and at the same time makes it accessible for new audiences to pick up and play the game.

Check out the HyperCharge: Unboxed Trailer:


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