Egyptian Adventure Theme For Clue/Cluedo Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Marmalade Game Studio has announced that Egyptian Adventure, the new theme for the classic mystery game Clue/Cluedo, is out now on Nintendo Switch.

The Egyptian Adventure theme is available for Clue/Cluedo for €9.99 or as part of the Season Pass, which includes access to all previous eight themes, for $34.99 / €39.99.

About the game

Clue/Cluedo is the classic murder mystery game by Hasbro, Inc., which has been a staple in many households since the 1950s. The aim of the game is to find out who committed the heinous murder of Mr Boddy/Dr Black, with which weapon and in which room. The first player who deduces the correct answer wins the game.

The new theme, Egyptian Adventure, is Marmalade Game Studio’s ninth theme for Clue/Cluedo. It references murder mystery stories popular in the 1920s and 1930s and pays a special tribute to Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile”, as well as the classic Indiana Jones adventure films. Players have a chance to experience the wonders of Egypt from the comfort of their living room while searching for clues and solving the murder of Mr Boddy/Dr Black.

In Egyptian Adventure, players get a new board with nine new Egypt-themed locations, such as the famous Sphinx, the traditional Egyptian market, and the Pharaoh’s tomb, as well as corresponding weapons. Also featured is a motley collection of six new suspects, including Scarlett featuring as an Aviator, Mustard featuring as Egyptian Royalty, Peacock as a wayward Priestess, and for the first time in the digital version, the illustrious Mrs Meadow-Brook.

Egyptian Adventure is the latest installment in a series of well-loved themes such as Venetian Masquerade, which takes players to the canals of Venice, and, most recently, the Sherlock Holmes theme in which players can play as the famous master-detective and his sidekick Dr Watson.

Cluedo is known as Clue in North America.

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