GLO Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Release date: September 9, 2021. Price: $4.99 / £4.49 / 4.99€. Game file size: 123 MB. Publisher: Eastasiasoft.

Use the power of memory and light to find your way through a world of darkness!

Enter a realm shrouded in darkness and take a leap of blind faith as you try to find a way out. GLO is a simple and rewarding puzzle platformer with an daunting central mechanic – nearly everything that stands between you and your goal is obscured and invisible. Using only the light around you and the glow of your projectiles, you must rely on memory to guide you through the obstacles and hazards that you glimpse.

Find reassurance and enlightenment in the messages written on the dark walls, illuminated as you progress and hinting at an emotional story. This is a beautiful and abstract journey across 100 levels, featuring precision controls and an atmospheric soundtrack to drive curiosity and stave off fear of the unknown. It’s minimalistic yet metaphorical, hidden yet ripe for discovery. Will you unlock its secrets?


  • Explore 100 puzzling levels shrouded in darkness!
  • Use glowing projectiles to light your path and glimpse obstacles.
  • Find the exit and escape!
  • Reveal hidden messages on the walls.
  • Challenge your memory skills in Speedrun mode!
  • Enjoy an atmospheric soundtrack.



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