Salt and Sanctuary Multiplayer Gameplay Video & Details Revealed

Ska Studios has released a multiplayer gameplay video and details for its upcoming 2D action RPG Salt and Sanctuary for PS Vita and PS4.

Salt and Sanctuary centers around sanctuaries. A sanctuary takes on the role of a bonfire, archstone, Hunter’s Dream: it’s a place of rest, replenishment, and — when things go south — respawning. In Salt and Sanctuary, sanctuaries can be populated with NPC villagers. Tiny statues are scattered throughout the world, and placing a statue on a sanctuary’s altar permanently summons a villager of that type to the sanctuary.

The sellsword facilitates cooperative play. Placing a sellsword statue on the altar will summon a sellsword. Telling the sellsword that you’d like to “Hire” prompts a second player to pick up a controller. This player now gets to pick anyone in his or her roster, jump in, and get jolly!

But the sellsword doesn’t just connect adventurers with brave companions; he also sells Eggs of Wrath. Crushing an egg in the universe of Salt is a tradition of war, meant to signify the commencement of battle. As such, crushing an Egg of Wrath immediately initiates PvP. Once battle has begun, it cannot end until someone dies. But fear not! Your fallen companion will be found alive and well in the next sanctuary or shrine you visit.

PvP in Salt and Sanctuary is an interesting beast. Not all fights will be fair, but all fights tend to be interesting. Stamina and focus (spellcasting) management, parries and counters, crucial I-frames, and weapon ranges are all super important. And because of the nature of the Egg of Wrath, you can pretty much spring PvP on your ally anywhere. Boss fight? More like three-way free for all! Need a human punching bag to try out a new weapon you just crafted? Crush that egg.

Salt and Sanctuary will be released for PS4 in North America and Europe in Q1 2016 and for the PS Vita a little bit later.

Check out the Salt and Sanctuary Screenshots:

Check out the Salt and Sanctuary – Multiplayer Gameplay Video:


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    I’m not sure these are the PS Vita screenshots – at least the fourth one, which shows “L2” next to the items. Which also makes me think this game could make use of the touchscreen.

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